Burnt River Bob, Old Man Jay, and Burnt River Browns Backers were on WKYC this morning!

Bob, Jay, and the Burnt River Browns Backers were sounding off on the Browns on Channel 3′s soap box. Good Job guys!

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10/13/2013 Browns vs Lions

What an Epic tailgate! Special shout outs got to Crack Man, Big John, The Road Dans, and all of the rest of the Crew. It was such a special day with all the Food and dancing and all around great time with everyone!

Now if only the Browns could have shown up for the Second half…..




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Browns vs Bills 10/3/2013

Browns win their third in a row! It was a hard-fought game so hats off the Bills!

The tailgate was great. We had our special guests from Buffalo joining us: Pinto Ron, Buffalo Jill, Wagon Master, and Dapper Dan.

It was a real treat to see our friends from up north, all the way from Alaska! The Anchorage Browns Backers Crew came down for a little visit.

Of course the rest of the group was there as well! Special shout outs go to BukDog and his wife, Sara, and Facepaint Mike!

Can’t wait to do it all again!

Browns vs Bills 2013Click here to see all the Photos from the Tailgate!


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Special Guests at the upcoming Tailgate!

The upcoming Tailgate (9/29/13 Browns Vs Bengals) we are going to have 2 very special guests! The 1st guest is going to be Hans Steiniger from Quest for 31. Hans travels to all the stadiums looking for the best Tailgates and we have been chosen as one of those tailgate locations! 

The second very special guests that we are going to have are the Bengal Bomb Squad!


You may remember these guys from last year. Yes they are our opposing team but we have a great time with them and that’s what the lot is all about! Lots of photo opportunities and great fun for all so this is the tailgate to be at!

As a reminder we will be accepting donations as usual for the Toys for Tots campaign and for your convenience we now accept Credit and Debit Card Payments! So come on down and join the fun!

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